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    anybody need a funjet boat project for winter???

    i spotted this from the roadside at a pawn shop and just had to stop and look....its a 1988 funjet with a yamaha 70 3 cylinder motor...its about 10 foot long....i had the fella start it up...its got an automatic/electric choke on it and he had problems gettin it to with a lil help from some startin fluid it started right up....he ran it for about 30 seconds and shut it off and then tried cranking it again....started right up.....hull looked pretty decent for its age and i crawled under and looked at impeller to find no knicks and clearance looked good...motor looks like its never been dug into...cables still work but need replacing....the hotfoot pedal is broken....somebodys hack job with silicone around grate and bottom real evidence of saltwater rust or corrosion....i asked price...he said 1800....i said SHIIIIT ON THAT...he talked to boss and come back with 1200 out the bettin about 800 cash would take it....anybody have any experience with this boat and yamaha 70 motor and parts availability .....or is it even worth messin with at that price.....if a fella ran accross one of these hulls for a cheap price and could re-fab and put on a decent size outboard it would be fun....better yet ,cut it and stretch it out a lil longer and put a vxr 1.8 motor in it...haaaaaa....what say you???..

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    Looks like a lot of fun. If the guy will let you do a compression test, verify that you have three good ones. Obviously the electrics are good if it started and ran. That is a powerhead from a outboard and the parts are still available.(If it's an 84-91model year) Might as well cut a hole in the engine cover and install a fake blower just for kicks. (the rest of the boat just screams for a blower...) I wouldn't pay any more than 800 for it as you will eventually have to sell it to someone and that's about all someone will pay. OEM yamaha parts are crazy expensive so you will have a lot more in it very quickly.

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    yeah...after thinking about it i decided not to even make an enough things going on right now....if anybody is interested i have the guys phone number...

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