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    Arrow 2001 Polaris Genesis 1200 Ficht repair, bad exhaust temp and air temp sensors

    Quote Originally Posted by jetski4ever View Post
    I bought another harness as the other one was non repairable
    I have to say that I have contacted, and, spoke to Harris

    Unreal experience. Had my ski working perfectly in minutes.

    Excellent person to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone

    He is very professional and will help you

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    Arrow 2001 Polaris Genesis 1200 Ficht repair, bad exhaust temp and air temp sensors

    I would like to thank K447 for ALL the extremely helpful information. It really helped me get my old 2001 polaris Genesis 1200 FICHT working perfect again.

    If anyone ever has a bogging down. sounds like the ski is not getting fuel.

    I tried a method that was given to me by Harris at to check a component that I would have NEVER EVER thought of. The Exhaust Temperature sensor and Air Temp Sensor was causing all the Check Engine Codes and the machine to run like crap

    I had him rebuild and reprogram the EMM and, it was back in a flash. Started up the machine and it was better than new

    I must give Harris from, ALL the credit. He is super patient and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him and his service to anyone

    I have also discovered a simple way to determine whether the Exhaust Temp or Air Temp Sensor is at fault. Simply Clip one or both of the wires and connect a 1,000 Ohm resistor in line and see if the problem goes away and, Bam there ya go

    Thank you K447 and Harris from for ALL your help. I was actually prepared to send this machine to the landfill. Had me going crazy. Changed Fuel Pump, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), Pistons, Rings, Injectors and, so much more. Only to find out that it was 2 sensors and a reset/reflash of the EMM and, Now it is running like a charm

    Thank you all again


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    Easier Method

    I have discovered a much simpler method

    Simply Call Harris @ and he will gladly help you get your machine running at perfect condition for very little and super fast

    Fantastic communication and super helpful. Will have you right back in the water in no time as he has helped me

    Very friendly and helpful

    Quote Originally Posted by xsantia View Post
    Hi! I were made cables like in the pictures, but can't connect to EMM, what is wrong, com ports propertly, but no connection what is connection need to make ,

    more information please, sorry,but it is not understood for me.

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    K447. You are the best

    ALL of the information that you have posted and along with the help from Harris @ has gotten my old 2001 Polaris 1200 Ficht back running again when I lost ALL hope

    Thank you very very much

    God Bless you

    Wish there were many more people like you in the world It would be so much more pleasant

    Thanks again

    All your help has gotten our family back on the water and will keep us there thanks to ALL your info and help


    my mechanic Rhode Island

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    There is also a company that will repair ALL EMM and MUCH faster and less expensive than DFI

    check out, Speak to Harris

    I had my EMM repaired and reflashed in record time and cost much less than DFI

    He is also super friendly and more than willing to help you out

    I did and I am now finally back on the water again


    My Mechanic RI

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    Check out

    Harris there helped me out and the cost was way less than DFI

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymechanicinc View Post
    Check out

    Harris there helped me out and the cost was way less than DFI
    he helped me out the same.calls you right back and gives all kinds of info to get you going.standup guy.definatly would use again

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