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    Roll on the weekend, new mods to try

    Hi all in the interests of sharing, new paint job RXPX 255 2008,

    Solas 15/21 impeller
    R & D grate
    Exhaust water baffle removed, stainless J pipe in place of
    Riva air intake

    Not a heap of mods i know but gotta start somewhere eh

    Any ideas what to expect good or bad? Has anyone had experience with running too lean, heat etc with these minor mods.

    Thanks guys, valve train and re map next!!

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    The engine will run great. I would suggest the fizzle 4" intake or some other 4" intake instead of the riva, but it should work well. My buddy is running that same setup, no issues, very reliable. Raising the RPMs will help out a lot, but keep in mind, the 08-09 hulls need the PRV setup after a while. Perfect time to send out the rideplate and have it re-done.

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