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    04-06 4-tec engines dropped exhaust valve stats.

    Hey guys, i think it would be good to try and get some stats on how many 4-tec enginges in years 04-06 (early bad valves) have dropped a exhaust valve. I know its best for any ski in that year range to get them upgraded anyways but it would still be good to know the stats.

    So if we could keep this clean with no chit chat and just post up as follows:

    year - hours- supercharged or NA - water type - if its dropped a valve.

    Example : 2005 - 82hrs - na - fresh water - no drop
    Example : 2004 - 118hrs - 215sc - salt water - dropped at 98hrs

    Then we can attempt to see how many have dropped for example 20 out of 100.

    So please I ask all 4-tec owners if they could kindly post up and take part.
    I thank you hugely in advance!
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    I'll go first:

    2004 - 20hrs - 185sc - salt water - no drop
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    05 - 234hrs- 215sc - no drop

    I bought this ski used a couple years ago and noticed that the engine had been removed (the engine lift ring was chewed up a little) I called the dealer that sold the ski originally, he told me the engine was removed at 72 hours for a sc failure and that no valves have been replaced in the engine. So unless the original owner had the work done somewhere else these are the original valves. This ski (and my new one) stay in a garage and after every ride I take the exhaust hose off and suck any water out that is in the waterbox. I know it's a pain in the ass but maybe helps avoid an ugly problem. My son has had the ski for the last year and lets just say he ain't easy on it.
    I should also add that the ski is fogged through the plugs as well as the injectors

    Mainly fresh water very little salt time
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    2004- 140 hrs- 215sc- no drop

    2x -2004- 116hrs- 155 na- no drop

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    2004 RXP 57 HRS no drop Fresh Water
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    Had an 04 RXP for 73 hours and had no mechanical issues.

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    2004 - 112hrs - SC - not dropped

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    2003 185 - 240hrs - Not Dropped

    2004 215 - 130hrs - not dropped

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    04-06 4-tec engines dropped exhaust valve stats.

    05 RXP 102 hours no drop but exhaust valves had corrosion on them. Salt water use.

    Motor was rebuilt due to a popped ic with associated compression loss.
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    Had 125 hours on my old 05 RXP, no drop, but apparently they were ALL failing so I sold it!!! lol

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