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    Transom tranducer and spinning around

    Is there risk to breaking a rear/transom transducer if you are spinning out and hotdogging on a jetski.

    Also what's a good fish finder I was leaving toward this
    Lowrance elite 4 hdi gold . Wanting something with hd, gps speed and maps, also depth.I'd like depth alarm.

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    I am in the process of rigging out a SUV and just got back from a trial run in the keys and south fl. I left my new transducer in the drink, I was cruising along at about 25 mph checking out the bottom and being amazed at how well my Raymarine Dragonfly was reading. When i ran it up to about 40 I was not paying enough attention to the waves and caught a pretty good sized one, when I landed I no longer had a good bottom picture, snatched my transducer right off. The Dragonfly transducer is pretty big and hangs down on a approx. 2" long arm.

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