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    Spied! 2015 Sea-Doo Eye-Scorching Lineup Leaked Online

    [Editor's Note: As not to unleash the unimaginable torment that BRP has in mind for us, we've had to amend this story. Unfortunately, you'll notice that all of the super cool spy shots we had up this morning are now gone. So instead, please enjoy the article now edited to remove any spoilers.]

    If the last few weeks are any sign of how 2015 is going to be, we’re off to a pretty rocky start. While we’re not dealing with Snowden-level espionage here, the amount of leaks springing up are enough to give the little Dutch boy fits. Back in early August, only a day before the official release of the 2015 Yamaha WaveRunner lineup, the whole catalog was uploaded online. Needless to say, the Internet in its ever-vigilance snatched it up and posted all the leaked press pictures online. The leak was plugged up, the images removed from as many chat room threads as possible, but the cat was already out of the bag.

    A couple of weeks ago, images of all-new 2015 Kawasakis sprang up on the Facebook wall of Australian powersports dealership, Brisbane Kawasaki. The Watercraft Journal caught wind of the spy shots and quickly shared the untimely reveal (but again, not before message boards managed to publish the link before us). The ensuing article stirred up some dust within the halls of Kawasaki, and some hides were tanned.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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