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    Polaris SL 780 driveline inspection/replacement

    Hey everyone, I am new here to greenhulk and somewhat new to the PWC scene also.

    I've had a 97 Polaris SL780 for a while and recently blew the motor in it. I am pretty mechanically inclined and plan on swapping the motor in it, but while the motor is out, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on other things to check or replace. The first thing that came to my mind was the driveline seals or bearing, but I don't really know what to look for when inspecting it or if replacing it is difficult either. I also plan on rebuilding the carbs and replacing fuel lines. If anyone has some suggestions as to common problems with these machines or things that should be replaced or checked on that would be great. I would love to have this thing in good running condition for a while longer.

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    LOTS of information available around here.

    Start with my signature links to get yourself going. There are a number of common maintenance items and a few upgrades worth doing.

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