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    gp1300 d plate how to?? exhaust removal?

    thinking of doing mine(since I want to clean injectors) I'll be needing to remove exhaust it just the 2 hose claps, few bolts on head/lift eye and one bolt on rear off engine??? could not find a how to in faqs?? probably should be? one of the most common fixes/mods...thanks for any help!

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    Sounds like you pretty much described it....just go slow. You'll need to disconnect temp sensor and replace with chip. Check the "sticky" section of the "How to" forum. Its all there.

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    hey tolley, thanks...I triple checked stickys but could not find, the cajundude link not working...I had done this a few years ago with the help of his webpage, but it all seems to be gone?...oh well,....

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    There are 2 bolts on the bottom of the cat that connect to the bottom of the last 2 cylinders, 12mm if you look straight down from the lift eyes, you will see them. Also, the front 2 hose clamps need to be loosened and the rubber coupler needs to slide forward towards the bow, there is another coupler under it.

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    Remember hoe you do this .... it will not be your last time Ha Ha. I now have removed the stinger, exhaust, muffler system 3 times ... Gets easier each time ....still a bitch to reinstall. There are several DIY videos & PM's on this very subject .... just keep searching. Good Luck

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