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    two that dont and one that does.

    Newish skier stubbornly clinging to my youth via my 91 square nose SJ 650 and also the proud owner of a broke down 89 wr500, I have also got a wave venture 700t. I love my suoer jet above all but I was thinking that the 701 in the wave venture would drop in ro the sj and the 650 in the sj would fit the wr500 and I then have two wr500 engines as spare, soare what I dont know. In a perfect world it would all go fine but a, would the above scenario work? Also would the jet pump fit anything else like the wr or the sj , the venture is like new , I just dont like these big boats.
    Also the wr500 runs, idles perfectly, but as soon as I give her the beans , nothing , just coughs and dies, my sj650 runs beauty till about 5 mins then jut dies, stops dead, fires right back up runs for 200m and dies again, it did thus to me in the middle of a lake, ided and fired up 8 times before I made it to shore, not cool! I hate swimming with my ski! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope to still be on the river in nov here in sunny BC, if I can get my skis running.

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    The 701 will easily drop into the superjet. as for the 650 into the wr, I am not sure. Your 500 motor sounds like it has a carb issue.

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    You, sir, could use a Mikuni Carb Rebuild kit and and cold Bud Light (oops, Molson Ale or Labatts Blue, sorry). (For both engines). Old two strokes used to run forever without having to mess with the carbs but the tree huggers ruined all of our machines by mandating alcohol in fuel. The fuel pumps get "eaten" by the alcohol and exhibit the symptoms you describe. No amount of stabilizer will help as over time the the pumps just quit working. I can't speak to the jet pump interchangeability as that is just a year or two before my time...and I am really old... Read up on the HOW TO section for carb rebuilds, use genuine Mikuni parts kits and you will back to new in no time.

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    thanks for the advice guys, think the sj may get a new engine, dont feel like dicking around when the river starts to get stiff. Carb kit on its way.

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