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    Question Which should i go with? SL650 with cracked block or SL750 with burned wires?


    I would like advice on what you would do in my situation. Here's the info.

    Option 1: Currently own a SL650 with a cracked block. I can buy a used engine, with new gaskets would be around $550. Or I can sell as is for around $200, or part out.

    Option 2: I found a 95 SL750 that says it has a recently rebuilt engine, but has burned wires. This bike will cost me around $500 but it comes with a trailer. I have done research into what it takes to fix the wires, so no biggie. Concern is the "rebuilt engine". The guy who has is said he bought it from a guy getting a divorce who had the engine rebuilt, installed it himself and burned up some wires. Cannot confirm the engine rebuilt info. The guy said the engine has fresh paint and you can see new gaskets installed.

    What I would rather do is get the 750, but I am afraid I will get myself another project that ends up worse than originally though, if its more than wires and the stator/ CDI.

    What would you guys do in this situation? Recommendations?

    Thanks all!

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    The trailer under the SL 750 has some resale value? Sounds like the 750 option has potential to turn out nicely.

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    Hello I had the Polaris SL750, very fast and blast to ride. I sold it when all the wiring burned up .... due to electrics arcing against the battery (common problem due to a poor design). The engine was sound & ski hull in good shape .... so if you are willing you might have a good deal there ... good luck

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    IF the engine is painted a slightly different hue than the rest of the blue parts, including all of the hardware, it is likely an SBT rebuild that he installed. I would go for it......

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    Get the 750 good deal. I have both a SL 650 and a SLT 750 that are running great thanks to all the members on here. For what I have into them I am keeping both. Get the 750 and keep the 650 and fix when you find a deal on a lower end. I have 3 SL 750 sitting in the yard that are waiting for me to dig into to make one good one. Picked them up this year for under 500 total. Already used parts to get he SLT back up and running and still have extra parts to make a good one.

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    Well guys, I ended up going to get the SL750.The engine does have recent paint on it, can see the fresh gaskets etc. Burned wires go right up to the stator cover, so you will probably see another post from me soon asking more questions. Luckily this topic has been covered and I have read most all of them.

    Thanks for the input guys!

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