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    Rxp 214 -04 blown engine BIG HOLE picture


    Allmost a year ago i sell a seadoo rxp 215 2004 model.
    The guy who bought it contacted me earlyer this summer and told me the engine was totaly destroyed.

    One of the crankshafts has broken and cause a big hole in the engine.

    Has anyone else experienced this ????
    And what can possibly caused that damage ?

    The ski had around 60 hours on it when he bought it and he only ran a few times.

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    had that motor been rebuilt before ???
    and someone reused the bigend bolts or did not torqe them correctly

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    Not sure about rebuilt, i was running it for a few hours when i had it but didnt like it thats why i got back to yamaha...

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    Maybe hydro locked it and bent a rod ?

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    The question is if there could been something wrong with the engine before i sold it?
    or can it just blown in the first hours in his own?
    thinking if he beated it very hard, jump waves without let of throttle?
    he also mentioned indication of water in IC.

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    Impossible to tell when the issue began. If he has water in the intake, it could be from leaky intercooler, or possibly through the exhaust manifold from incorrect flushing procedures. Also could happen from towing the ski without pinching the cooling hose. My guess is the water he is seeing caused a hydrolock at some point which resulted in the failure.

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    # 1 cyl failures are 99 percent of the time are water related. being the intake tract can hold water on the suction side of the charger till the Vacum comes up and Moves the water thru the engine. Also the Intake manifold can hold a large amount of water & it will not move into the engine till the supercharger boost comes up and being the engine is tilted down in the rear it is forced into the #1 cyl closest to the flywheel Hydro locking the cylinder causing a bent rod and the Cylinder then fail due to the incorrect rod angle.

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    Was the ski winterized? Popped ic and water ingestions makes sense.

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    Please describe deeper, (sorry my english)
    what should be done with the IC at winterizing? And water ingestions?

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    hydrolock and they continued to drive it until it threw the rod is my guess.

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