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    Buying 2014 Spark now that 2015 is out

    Have a dealer near me that has a couple 2014 sparks still sitting around. I wonder what kind of deal I'll be able to get on it, considering it is pretty much the same as the 2015 spark. Thoughts?

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    If you can get Just invoice and Tax and Reg. it would be a decent deal- BUT if they try to load on the Freight and Prep I wouldn,t buy it?

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    My dealer showed me the invoice and I think they only make like $300 on a unit. + BS prep fees so a little more.

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    The dealer I'm getting my Sparks from doesn't have any trailers left for them. He said he will locate one in a few days. Well today he said he found one but it's not the Seadoo's the one Zieman is now making for the Sparks. I cannot find the specs on this trailer anywhere. Does anybody have a Zieman double Spark trailer or know where I can find the specs? Thanks.
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