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    Do you really need driveshaft tools?

    I just got a 'new' 08 gtx 155 4-tec.

    had to replace pto bearing, driveshaft,
    Carbon ring, bellows, and the supporting ring due to bad rust.

    my question is, do you need the special tools to re install the circlip??
    i am using a 1" wrench to support pto bearing, an prying back with a pry bar on supporting ring.
    tryin for my wife to install the clip. I can't see at this point as I am stretched and have no free hands.

    I've tried searching here and came up kinda empty handed on of anyone has gotten it without the tools and how.

    Maybe u can point me the right direction ??

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    Do You have the pump installed ?

    I find it easiest to pull the pump and put a 1/2" to 3/4" thick spacer ( two 3/8" nuts or a small socket ) in the end of the impeller then reinstall the pump. This stops the driveshaft moving rearward while trying to slide the stainless collar back.

    When the clip is in place remove the spacer and reinstall the pump.

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    Pump method works really good. Driveshaft tool just makes the job so much easier

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    Thanks I forgot to put a socket Inside the pump. The tool would probably make it easier. But I am cheap. It seems a pickle fork works well. I have pleanty of those. One may meet my torch and get bent, then ill weld a rod to it for leverage.

    Do I really need to support the pto bearing? I was thinking to lay a block of wood in it, a wrench is really holding up my second hand, making me wish I had 3

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