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    Replacing valves question.

    I've ordered a full set of std size supertech valves there and I have a few questions as I'm gathering parts at the moment.

    Please note my ski only has 20hrs on it.

    1. Have any of you not replaced the oil stem oil seals when doing this and is it ok to leave the oil stem oil seals alone when replacing the valves?

    2.have any of you re-used the stock head bolts? (I will be replacing the rocker bolts as they are stretch bolts)

    3. Where can I purchase the timing locking tools and what's the cost of them?

    Huge thanks guys

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    stock head bolts are also stretch type
    never leave in old oil seals

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    You might get by with not replacing the valve stem seals but new is always better than used when it comes to seals. The head bolts are stretch bolts but and can be reused per the manual if they spec out in length. You'll get people that disagree and that issue. You can get by without buying the tools, a quarter inch socket extension works great for the cam. I use a long drill bit with the shank down for the crank, cant remember what size but just see what fits in the hole. Or just get the number 3 cylinder at TDC.

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