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    MSX 110 starting issue.

    looking for a little help on a starting issue with my newly acquired MSX 110 PWC.
    backed the trailer into the water and hit the starter button. the starter turned but nothing else. it would not turn the engine over. After looking at a service manual and parts book i figured there must be something wrong with the starting clutch. disassembled the front of the engine and removed the flywheel assembly with the starting clutch. found that the little snap ring on the 1 way bearing was not in place and the bearing surface on the gear was worn. so i picked up a used gear and checked and the 1 way bearing seemed to be catching good. reassembled with the new gear and it worked fine the first time but after that is feels like it slips and kicks back. It almost feels and sounds like an engine with a faulty decompression valve. it will kick back a couple times and then it will turn over good and start. any help from anyone would be appreciated.

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    Weak battery?

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