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    FX HO Vs. VX110 Engine

    Hi Guys,

    I have an engine interchangeability question for you. I have a 2008 FXHO with a thrown rod and scrap cases. I can get a 2012 VX 110 engine and electronics for a really good deal.

    1. Besides being under powered, would the VX engine bolt right in?

    2. If not, is the entire lower end the same as the FXHO engine? What are the differences in the engines? I searched on the site, and I know the FXHO is a boosted version of the VX 110 engine, but what parts are mechanically the same?


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    Might want to get a new avitar but I digress...Good question. They are both the same block with the only differences being the cooling outlet pipes on one side are slightly different and the vx block does not have some mounting holes drilled in some bosses that you would mount FX related hardware. Others have converted VX blocks to FX use but it is not very cost effective since the raw block is roughly the same cost new. The engine mounts are actually on the stator cover and the PTO and I don't really know if they line up exactly but I think they do. Here's the biggest consideration: You would be missing 50 hp in a big, heavy ski. I would guess it would run to roughly 45 MPH and take quite a while getting there. (a VX only goes 50-52) Also, you would need to somehow retrofit the vx gauge cluster into the cowling and while it would work, it would look pretty funky.

    Unless your crank got wasted, the rebuild is a set of cases, piston, rod, rings, bearings and gaskets. If the head is still good, plan on roughly 2500 in parts. Then you will have a nice quick ski again with a new engine. If you get lucky you might be able to find used parts but FX cases are really hard to find. (New, they are 1600).

    If you are not comfortable building an engine, then you are kinda stuck with a 3500-4000 replacement engine or a used one for less if you can find it. Kinda a rough situation but I have rebuilt quite a few of both variants and with a manual, it is not a bad job. Good luck.

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