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    JetLift Debuts the new 2014 Hitch Hauler!

    As if the new JetLift Custom Colors Contest release was not enough... Here we go with one of many NEW Product Press Releases. Keep your eyes peeled for more New Product Releases coming in the next 3 weeks!

    JetLift New Product Announcement...

    JetLift is pleased to announce another product addition to our line of the world’s most versatile watercraft lift and transport systems.

    During last year’s World Finals, JetLift and Rad Dudes Freestyle Innovations introduced a new prototype hitch hauler concept. The design combined the traditional stinger receiver hitch with JetLift Pinch Block and Dovetail Support Rail system. Zack Bright and Daniel “Double-D” Martin were some of the first to receive the systems, and in addition several others were built and tested during the following months. The cycle of testing, building, modifying, improving, re-testing and repeating began. Now, after 11 months of top-secret hard core testing we’re happy to announce the release of the JetLift Hitch Hauler.

    Daniel Martin say’s…” I've been testing the prototype hitch hauler for JetLift for several months now and also have some input in the product and you will receive a product that has been tested from riders, for riders. I've put over 2,000 miles on it WITH a ski and have had no issues with it. JetLift hitch haulers make going to the lake easy if I'm alone; I can either back straight in the water at the boat ramp and slide it off, or use a JetLift Beach Tote or Beach Cart to wheel it off and into the water. The main reason I'm so interested in the JetLift hitch hauler, is because traveling with all my equipment without a trailer, saving gas money, for me, is KEY. I know a great product when I see one, and JetLift has set the bar for a top notch Hitch Hauler. You WILL NOT be disappointed in quality, versatility and strength”!!

    JetLift will have Limited Addition custom color JetLift Hitch Haulers available now through World Finals. JetLift will be on site during the 2014 World Finals, and we’ll be taking orders for 2015 JetLift Hitch Haulers all during the World Finals week. Find out more at today! See More
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