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    2013 RXP-X vs 2014 RXP-X

    Hello Everyone,
    I am looking at buying a 2014 RXP-X and I found a shop that has a new 2013 RXP-X. Now other than the color is there any other difference between the two?

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    Yes, one year

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    I know a place in so cal that gave me a great deal on 2014 if your in area he has a few more.

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    I was also looking at a used 2013 and new 2014. Supposedly they made a few improvements in 2014. The owners of a local dealer where I bought my 2014 had told me so.. Just not sure exactly what they are. I believe one of them is the intercooler. They added a relief in it. Because of that and since I actually got a better deal on a new one, I went new.

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    I'm at 120 hours ,and it's been great so far. I had no major issues or problems. My ski has Stage 1 upgrade on it! I had a little steering is off by dealer fixed it for free. I think 2014 they improve the intercooler because I am at 120hrs with no leaks! (Stock) I have been changing oil, filter, and spark plugs every 25hrs. I was worried about buying a Seadoo because of all the excessive electronics as well as the Super charger but I finally took the risk and haven't regretted it yet. Love it so far. I used to own 2009 Yamaha FXSHO but its little slow and boring! Seadoo holeshot is better and turns harder. iBR is the best feature on it for safety and easier to dock! Seadoo Rules! Good Luck on your purchase!

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    they are the same i like the yellow more ;p

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