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    Fitting wakeboard rack.

    Hi guys, could any of you tell me how to fit a wakeboard rack to a 2004 Gtx 185sc?

    The only thing I'm unsure about is the fixings for the strap clips. I know the plastic fixings screw into the hull but do I need to use any sealent or do I just screw them directly into the body?

    Thanks jamie
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    Can Anybody answer this for me please?

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    I've never fitted one, but anytime I penetrate the hull with any fitting I silicon it. If water gets in it can cause delamination and you don't want that. As it's above the waterline, just use a clear window sealant (a UV stable one).

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    When I put mine on I just used a small amount of silicon on the screws to about 30 mins to fit

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    get some 3m 5200. best stuff ever

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    also drill your hole the proper size and then take like 1/4" larger bit and open up the gelcoat side slightly otherwise it will crack away at the edge of the hole

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