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    2007 rxp 215 , supercharger in pieces

    Hey guys, recently a friend of mine purchased a used rxp 215. very clean ski. 150hrs with all maintenance and s/c rebuild reciepts came with it. ski was put in water with 2 hours of purchase and later blinked a p1520 or whatever the code is with around 2 hours of drive time, mainly cruising w/ children and about 10 minutes of WOT racing. we pulled it apart to see where oil leak was coming from and its the supercharger...freshly rebuilt supercharger w/ new clutch and its already shot. we are on a budget but what would be the best route to replace this. we are not rebuilding current supercharger, theres not a good part left and we will be lucky if the shavings have not gotten into the motor. who sells complete supercharger kit as a bolt on. is there a performance one we could put on with out changing ecu and injectors ? please help

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    Any larger charger will require bigger injectors at least.

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    I have a perfectly running 215 supercharger. Pm me if your interested.
    And just like h2 said, a larger charger would require larger injectors. More boost needs more gas to compensate.

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    And a ECU tune to support the larger charger and injectors

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    C'mon folks...I know it's antiquated and all S3 wouldn't require more fuel as long as he's running oem ic.

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    pm sent . thanks guys

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