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    94 Polaris srt-750 MFD problem

    Hey all. I have a round MFD that had a blown fuse. I installed a new one and it powered up but had some issues. It was a little dim with the numbers but for the most part..they mostly all worked. I found that the oil sending unit was bad and replaced that. So I go to check on the MFD to see if the sending unit is working and I'm missing parts of the numbers and the bottom menu, minus the rpm, is very faded. Took it apart and cleaned all the LCD p and cleaned everything, put it back together and as it powers up, it looks as if everything is running good then about half way through the sending units feeding in, the 8s turn into As. I loose the bottom dash of every number and it has the menu icons faded again. Don't understand why it starts to boot up OK and then changes half way through. And it was working OK before. I don't think the sending unit I installed would affect the display. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Sounds like your repair did not quite get all the rubber strip contacts right. The LCD driver chip needs to be able to turn on and off each segment as needed. During initial 'wake up' display test it lights all LCD segments at the same time, so even if some segments were not working properly they can be influenced by the neighboring segments, so it all looks good. Then the MFD settles down to do normal stuff and turns some segments off and others on. That is when the poor connections to the LCD contacts become apparent.

    Unless it manages to get better by itself, it sounds like it would need to be opened up again. The rubber strips and the LCD contacts on the glass are fragile and delicate. It can be tricky to keep everything super clean and undamaged, then reassemble without getting dirt or fingerprints on the pieces.

    Sometimes the rubber strips need a hair more compression than the factory plastic parts provide. I have not needed to do so but others sometimes have shaved tiny amounts of plastic to allow the rubber strip to be compressed better between LCD glass and circuit board. Most of my experience has been with the oval MFD, not so much with the round version.

    I suppose it is possible the electronics in your display could have a problem and start to fail after a few seconds of working properly. I think the more likely answer is that it just needs another repair attempt.

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