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    Riva Rear Exhaust Water Injection

    I'm installing the Riva thru hull exhaust on my 08 RXP-X and the directions state to use the block off on the water injection fitting at the rear of the exhaust. However, on their website where you purchase the item it has a picture if the barbed fitting for a hose and states "features a strategically placed fitting before the exit to quiet the exhaust".

    I would like like to spray the water before the exit but there is no T included with kit or instructions on how to install. Any tips or advice? I searched but could not find this on a previous topic.

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    I think your reading it wrong.
    There is a "T" in the line that goes from the bottom of the rear of the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe. That line goes to the transom and dumps overboard.
    Remove that line from the transom fitting and connect it to the barbed fitting on the through hull part of the Riva Exhaust.
    The blockoff is then installed on the transom where you removed the the hose from.

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    Thanks for your response. I'm confused, because that isn't what the instructions state. Nor is that what the photo indicates?
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    that fitting is used for sound surpressing. if you like a louder exhaust you can plug the fitting and leave the cooling lines theway they are

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    Ah, you don't have the fitting on the Riva pipe. Guess you can't hook it up, just ignore that part of the instructions then. Looks like they deleted it.

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    Yes, the fitting came with the pipe. It also came with a block off plug, which in installed in the picture above. I will try and locate the line and re route the dump line to the barb fitting which I will put on the end of the pipe. I don't remember seeing a line on the exhaust manifold, but in will look for it. Thanks

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    I would also like to know how to route the water line. I am about to pursche the riva exhast kit als. I have the free flow now so and I can't sand the loud noise at 3 to 3500 rpms please let me know how it is done

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    Update. Spoke with a Riva tech today who says that the water injection feature in the through hull exhaust is only available on the RXP model and not the RXP-X. That's a bummer because it was advertised on the product page. It doesn't say "only works on the RXP 215". While it may seem like a minor thing, I have a house in a cove on the lake and would like to have the benefit of the water injection into the exhaust, even if it's a minor suppression. If any one has a workaround, I would appreciate it. Splash splash I appreciate your advice, but I think your directions were fir the RXP-215?

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    If You want to spray water prior to exit very easy!!!. Proper way drill hole in pipe use a threaded insert with nut with a threaded npt barb. Zex makes a threaded nut and insert with 1/8 threading so you can thread a barb fitting.

    I hope this helps, it's all about ideas being creative is what it's all about!!

    I hope I maintained the topic of this thread
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