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    2002rx di help please! In advance thank you!!

    2002 DI.RX New battery checked all grounds,starter relay etc.What it does is beep twice fuel pump comes on if you hit start button while fuel pump is on it stops but no cranking over,yet if you release start button fuel pump continues for a second or two,checked with diagnostics ,no active fault, Disconected battery removed spark plugs ,removed key isolated starter cable by putting 12 volts only to starter and ground cranks fine,it acts like when you hit starter right after putting key in fuel pump quits like its not getting power or bad ground ,then release start button fuel pump comes on for 1 or 2 seconds while its building pressure ,any ideas please, am going crazy . ,battery is new gel,and starts 951 carbed just fine any ideas,engine will not crank over while using start button,it is not locked up is very smooth,Is it possible for bad dess switch to enable cluster,beeper,and fuel pump to function without enabling start stop switch??I thought for sure it was starter relay nope!!Thanks again!!!>Marvin

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    sounds like it could be the starter solenoid. try to turn the impeller. the starter is stuck like what happens sometimes in a car. in a car you can tap on the solenoid and it will work but on this you will have to turn the impeller to get it disengaged. The pump turns on when you plug in the key no matter what. you should wait for the pump to do it's thing before trying to start it. I also always forget to wait for the pump. if it is the starter solenoid that is the problem, changes are it will keep getting stuck and you will need a new one

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    No but thanks first thing I checked is removing plugs turning engine over by hand,turns out I solved problem,the last time they took it out the battery was dead,they jump started it or tried from a running boat,I found new set of jumper cables under a pile of junk in front compartment,After running all tests and using computer for trouble codes.After calling them I asked specifically about them jumping or attempting to jump it.!!BIG YES! So they killed an awesome ski by not heeding warning new ecm 2,130.00 ski worth 2,000 next time heed do not boost battery while installed!Yes you might get away once or twice but it will bite you sooner or later if you try it!!!DO NONT JUMP START SEADOO WITH DEAD BATTERY ESPECIALLY FUEL INJECTED TWO STROKES OR ANY TWO STROKE SEADOO! BUY A BATTERY FIRST THanks,>Marvin

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