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    2006 15f, intermitten stalling

    Hey Guys, in addition to my ski having the notorious hot starting issues, today on my test run on the lake it stared to stall/die intermittently. Seems to happen above 30 mph to WOT. It just cuts out with no warning. It will immediately fire right back up and go 58 mph for a min or two, then it will happen again.

    Only other relevant piece of information I can think of is that earlier in the day I had a cooling hose pop off and flood the engine compartment. ski got hot and the warning light went off, that's how I found the flooded compartment. water did not get very deep so I don't suspect any damage. Put the ski on the trailer, drained it, reattached the hose and it ran good for about an hour then it started dying. We were on a test drive following the change out of the water pipe under the intake manifold.

    I bought these two ski's used over a year ago hoping they would be salt water machines (wave jumps/tow in surf), but they have had so many issues most of my time has been on lakes diagnosing and testing. They have not been in the salt for over year.

    I know thats not much to go on, but I am at a complete loss of why a ski would just die. W

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    Best place to start is to go through Sean's guide:

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