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    Help! 94 Wave Raider sucked in dirt in shallow water.....

    This is my buddies ski and it happened today. He went into a part of the lake that was way more shallow than he thought and sucked in mud and possibly some rocks. He cleared out what he could then shortly after he heard a pop and it started run like crap and was very loud. He got towed back to shore and we took the intake grate and exhaust header off to check it out. It was all clear.

    I noticed the coupler that goes from the header to the waterbox had popped off. We put it back on. I took the ski out and it ran great for about 3 minutes then "pop" it got loud and started to run like crap again. Same thing happened.

    What could be causing this? Is the waterbox maybe clogged and causing excessive back pressure making that boot pop off even though the worm clamp is on tight?

    Any insight is appreciated.

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    If you here a pop then it get louder then most likely you have a point in which the exhaust is separating. Check the coupler that popped off for any tears or imperfections and clean all mating surfaces before reinstalling.

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