This year’s Hydro-Turf Pro Watercross tour started well before the first rubber band snapped in Pensacola, Florida this past May. The word quickly broke that a handful of some of the most seasoned and talented runabout racers were lured from the Sea-Doo X-Team to the ever-growing Yamaha camp. Paired together with master-mechanic Dean Charrier and supported by go-fast supercenter RIVA Racing, the new Factory Yamaha racers were coming in hot.
Indonesian brothers Aero and Aqsa Aswar, Brian Baldwin, Dennis Mack, Rob Greenwald and Troy Snyder all carried the Yamaha banner, their black-and-blue runabouts adorned in sponsorship decals from RIVA, Dean’s Team, Yamaha and their respective supporters. A full season’s worth of upsets, get-offs, last-minute points swaps, dramatic game changers and checkered flags resulted in both one of the most exciting seasons of racing in recent years as well as a massive sweep for Yamaha WaveRunners, RIVA Racing and Dean’s Team.

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