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    Stall after a long idle

    On my 97 GTI w/ a 720 single carb, it runs pretty well, starts fine all the time, and idles really well except after a long no-wake zone, it idles wayyyy down and wants to stall.

    I'm pretty sure I read about this issue before but did a search and cant find that thread that I stumbled on.

    The ski does still have a slight bog at 1/4 throttle that will kill it, but on a normal takeoff you can blow right by that point and not have any issue.

    Is this idle thing a specific carb issue? or is it just needing a complete rebuild? Thanks!

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    that is a carb issue. You're a little rich. It does not need a complete rebuild. I think Factory pipe or Group K talked about this issue in regards to carb tuning.

    I would turn the low mixture screw in 1/8th of a turn and see if it helps. It will also affect your idle just a hair.

    All in all...if this is the only issue you have...DO NOT remove the carb. Play with the low mixture screw and idle adjustment until she will idle forever.

    Good luck,


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    Ok cool - thanks for the quick reply. I posted about trying to get rid of the 1/4 throttle bog and a couple people said to turn the low mix out about a quarter. I did that, and that made it pretty bad - so I returned the screw to where it was and left it at that. It was Labor Day weekend and we were on vacation - and we just wanted to ride! I didn't want to go the other way and lean it out too much and risk burning it down on vaca!

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    I'm curious where it is. Don't worry about leaning it out enough to hurt the motor. It will only be lean in that one circuit and just cause running issues....that is unless you ride constantly in that area.

    You could hurt the motor by going WOT with a lean condition.

    But yeah...lean it out a little there and let us know. My guess is you will love the snap!



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    Agreed... low speed screw probably just needs adjusting... I have a 2001 GTi 720 and experienced similar...

    "Idle Drop" adjustment: keep on trailer @ ramp, drop into the water enough to submerge jet pump, start ski and adjust idle screw to get good idle. Let warm up a minute, then with seat off, adjust low speed screw (turn IN) in 1/8 increments until the engine starts to stumble a bit. Then adjust (turn out) 1/4-1/2 turn from that... hit the throttle a bit to see response (not full throttle).... I like to keep it closer (1/4 turn out) to get best punch out of it, but take it out on the water to test holeshot, and adjust out 1/8 increments. The 717 carb does not have an accelerator pump like my 951cc XP has, so the GTi has no where near the punch the larger ski has.

    The other issue that can cause what you describe is a leaking needle/seat.... that will cause excess fuel to build up over long idle/no wake zones and then when you hit it, the excess can't be burned off... only way to see this is to have the air box and flame arrestor off, then look for "dribble" from the high speed circuit....

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    Ok guys will do! Thanks for the replies - that's what i need to do is play with it attached to the trailer at the ramp. I believe it's real close to factory setting right now.

    Just curious - how much (if any) does boring the top end 1mm over change your carburetor settings?

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    Needle and seat

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    not sure what you mean "1983"

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    Boring top end 1mm over does nothing to affect carbs. I did it on my 2001 when I rebuilt it. Just gives you a really clean/fresh piston wall when done right. Just make sure doing so won't put them out of spec (may have been done before), then make sure the crosshatch pattern is good and ring gaps are good, and made damn sure you do a proper break in on the engine.

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    its actually too lean at idle. you can most likely adjust the low speed screw out and be fine

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