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Thread: 2003 fx cruiser

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    2003 fx cruiser

    I have a problem. I ran. Across an 03 fx cruiser not running at a very decent price. I got it home, took plugs out and check compression only to find out the cylinders were filled with water. Had milky oil so I'm thinking the worst. I changed the oil, put the plugs back in and it started up barely touching the button. Took it to the lake and it ran like crap. I took the seat off and it ran fine. Looked closely at exhaust and found a HUGE leak. It's at the rubber joint just below the intake manifold and box. How do I remove the intake to fix the leak?

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    MR-1, correct?

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    You need to remove the rubber elbows that go over the butterflys with an allen head

    remove throttle cable

    Remove the 8 allen bolts that hold down the butterfly assembly
    lift the assembly up and stuff a fresh clean paper towel in each intake port

    One bolt on your starbord side of the ski and two on the port side, they are the 3 bolts that surround the intake box and are 12 mm

    Then remove the clamp holding the fuel line on the fuel pump, you should use a rag if you dont want to spill gas, remove the fuel cap on the ski so fuel doesnt push up and out.

    Unplug the green connector under the inake box on the port side of ski, beteen the fuel tank, and also unplug the cam position sensor wire on top of valve cover)

    Pretty sure the black intkae box should be ready to come out. start to lift up...

    Youll see on the bottom of the box there is a hose that is held on my a clamp thats the last part to remove once you lifted it up, and the first thing to put on before you start to tighten it all back up....

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    Are you talking about the 90 degree rubber hose that surrounds the ring joint on the exhaust system ????

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    Or is it the part that connects the engine and the water box together?

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    The mid pipe that connects the head pipe and water box together

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    ahh yes, easy peazy...check sure they have plenty there.

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    Fixed. Now 53 mph GPS

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    Perfect, if u havnt upgraded the junk air filer, get a Riva filer or r&d. It's reusable, all u need to do is clean it. I've got air filters with over 1000 hours on them working like new. Also your fuel filter is a commonly overlooked preventative item on these skis

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