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    Virage jet housing seal questions

    Hey guys, just signed up to the forum, great information and thanks to all the post I have saved myself alot of money on an issue I am having. 2003 virage, I am in the middle of putting in new bearings on the pump housing and I dont know which way to orient the two seals that came with my new bearing kit, like a dummy I forgot how they were when removing them. If anyone can help it would be appreciated...bluefish chris your tutorial on this is awesome but just not sure if they are both supposed to be oriented with the flat side down, thanks all.

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    The springs point out toward the impeller

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    Great, thank you so much. I was thinking that was how they were with both flat sides down, but it was not making sense to me when looking at them. Thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03 Virage View Post
    ... I was thinking that was how they were with both flat sides down ...
    Pack some waterproof marine bearing grease in between the installed seals and behind the inner seal. That is probably all the lubrication they will get for the life of the assembly.

    If you ever take the impeller off to inspect, add more grease before re-assembly.

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