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    rough water cut off

    Hi guys,

    I have an odd one here...

    I have an 08 GP1300R. For a while now, it's been stuck maxing out at 6600 rpms. But... the other day when I was riding it, I hit some boat wakes and suddenly it jumped to 7000rpm... right where it should be. That was excellent, and it was running faster than it ever has.

    But now, when I hit a wake, or even a series of ripples in the water, it cuts off completely. It doesn't bogg down, it just shuts off as if there was no power whatsoever. The console (speed, rpms, etc) just goes blank and I coast to a stop. The ski will start right back up again and run like a scalded dog until I hit some chop again and then it cuts off. It doesn't have to be big wake, or even at full throttle... it just seems that if there is enough vibration it will cut off. Could be bug wakes, could be a bunch of small ripples, but on glass-smooth water, it doesn't flinch at all.

    So, it looks like there is an electrical problem somewhere. First off, it must be something that not only affects top-end RPM's, but also engine on/off. My first thought was a loose connection in the lanyard safety switch, but that wouldn't explain the low rpms I was getting. Then I though a loose battery connection... but they are both tight, and that also wouldn't explain the low rpms.

    I'm not sure where else to start looking. There are a million possibilities for loose connections. Do any of you have any ideas as to where I should start looking? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks to you all in advance,

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    Help from anyone out there ... I would like to follow this one. So you old ski guys put on your thinking caps and chime in

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    Do you have a catalytic conveter still in your GPR? If so, it may have broken apart and plugged your exhaust. The exhaust would clear an opening through the parts then plug as the boat ran in and out of rough water (it is the vibration that does it).

    This is probably not the first answer you were expecting, but this issue (broken cat cons) is common and the problem would manifest itself a lot like the way you described.

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    Nope... I removed the CAT before I ever cranked the engine for the first time. I knew they were known to come apart and didn't want to take the chance.

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    had somewhat similar problem once, chased it for a month, turned out the used stator assbly I had installed had a loose woodruff key(I had missed upon inspection) floating about causing the problem...

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    may seem dumb, but are the battery terminals nice and tight?

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    Battery terminals or start/stop switch problem.

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    Slant detection switch? Also, I know my 2006 needed a resistor installed after D plate installation (even though no resistor works on some) because I would get a cat over temp light and run slow after a while. The resistor does not explain your "wake/bump" symptom, but a bad slant detection switch does.

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    not the same ski I know
    but a mate had a similar problem with a 15f kwaka
    it would cut out when in the waves
    ended up being a crack in the circuit board in the dash

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    Fixed (and fingers crossed)

    Hi everyone,

    An update on this mystery....

    I took the ski into the shop (still under extended warranty) and the dealer couldn't find anything wrong. They called in a tech from Yamaha corporate. When he got there, they ripped out the entire electrical system, tested every sensor, and every pin in every plug. Wow... a lot more than I expected.

    They found a single pin inside one of the bug connector plugs inside the CDI that had pulled loose and could slide in-and-out of the plug. They also found a grounding wire that was "rusted and frayed a little." In their mind... by taking apart the whole system and re-plugging everything in, replacing one grounding wire, and fixing the broken pin connector in the CDI... it should be fixed. They even took it for a water test.

    After I picked it up, I took it for my own water test and even in some decent chop, the ski ran like a scalded cat and didn't shut off a single time.

    With the end of the season approaching fast, I hope to give it a few more tests before putting it away for winter. Next summer there won't be any warranty to save me, so I hope it's fixed in a way that it wont rattle loose again over time.

    Kudos to Yamaha on this one. I would have never found a single loose pin in the CDI.

    Thanks again to you all for your suggestions and general willingness to help.


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