I'm heading to Biloxi Wednesday SEPT 17, 2014 to Keesler AFB to pick up a couple skis in the early afternoon. If you have a need to transport anything from between Houston and Biloxi...shoot me a PM and we can figure out a good price. Just trying to help pay for gas. I have a 2010 Tundra V8 that can pull up to 8500 lbs. I would like it to be less than 5000 lbs though ideally. I am a federal employee (DOT) and can provide identification. I am sure that Boudin, SUV1200 and 1cleanSUV will vouch for me. Load must be road-worthy with serviced bearings. I have no way of unloading my bed on the other end if you need something shipped in the bed. Passenger transport is cool too.