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    vtech data logger

    Im thinking to buy vtech data logger for my rxp 07
    Does all function work including auto tune

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    Quote Originally Posted by tornado34 View Post
    Explain plz

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    It's simple, in fact ultra simple to install and set up. The user interface is self explanitory and the autotune INSTANT. It's like having a race tech living in the engine bay. I can set up my perfect target AFR's and leave the autotune to do the rest, period. If I start riding early morning when it's damp and cool, through the craziest midday heat on into a humid evening, I know the CMD has worked its socks off to keep my AFR's bang inline. Even with the best tune, it cannot accomadate such immediate changes (and I love my V-Tech tune) so you have to build in a buffer to allow for this. As always, buffers have to compromise somewhere!

    Change altitude, CMD's bang on it again. Fit and forget. Of course the datalogging is awesome too and simple. To be fair, once you have seen how good the autotune is you'll use the logging less and less.

    This is one of the few things in life that I've bought that keeps on impressing me and does more than it promised.

    I cannot praise it enough. Not cheap, but nor is modding and then getting it wrong. A no brainer for me.

    Oh, and A1 customer service and a dedicated sticky on here too, loads of users.

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    So if I install cmd. Do I need to monitor afr or just plug and play.

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    You need to install an o2 sensor with any datalogger, but once set up, it can be left alone.

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    Sound interesting
    Many thanks

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    boost junkie skidoochris's Avatar
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    remember any piggy back system can fail
    with the vtec you only have the ome ecu
    I am not saying cmd is bad just a good re-flash tune is best

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    remember any piggy back system can fail
    with the vtec you only have the ome ecu
    I am not saying cmd is bad just a good re-flash tune is best
    Agree to an extent, but if the CMD fails it fails safe as it just reverts back to the stock V-Tech tune so no different to EVERY V-Tech tune out there running all day everyday.

    It's a bit like my old dad used to say, "the more fancy things it has and does, the more there is to go wrong" - true, but in reality the day we started to use a motor over an animal we crossed that threshold!! Guess animals got sick and died also so actually that too is a bollox statement.

    The MOTEC is the ultimate way to go, 100% agree, but costly (as all the best things are), doesn't give any better reliability though. We're living with an unreliable machine in a harsh environment, nothing is for sure.

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    CMD autotune does sound nice but like skidochris piggy backs can be a doubled edged sword.

    On the other hand though it's fail safe and makes life easier but seeming more boxes in the bay with more wires?!?!

    I don't know, I think I may stick with the flash when I get it and just do the vtech logger and autotune on a laptop.

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