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    Loose Pulse nipple cause air leak?

    Would a loose pulse nipple cause an air leak? Is there anything that can be used to re attach pulse nipple such as lactate red?


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    Yes it will cause an air leak. Green loctite will probably work better than red, but I doubt either will last very long. Best bet would be to tap it and install a barbed fitting

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    Thanks for the advice. I ordered some new brass nipples, thinking maybe that might be an easy fix as the old one might have deformed over the years being pulled out a few times. If that doesn't work, I'll definitely tap and install a new fitting as you describe.

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    The fittings not threaded... Tap it in means press fit. I would also ruffen up the top surfaces of the cases and after tapping the fitting in build up a boss with JB weld.

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    Oops, I misread that as drill and tap the hole and install a threaded fitting. Luckily I didn't do that. I'll tap(press) in the new brass nipple when it arrives tomorrow. One question, when you say build up a "boss" with JB weld? Do you mean I should build up a bit of a dam, in a cone shape on the top surface of the case where it meets the nipple?

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    Jb weld them in. Of course after you clean the surfaces up really nice.

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    New brass nipple on the pulse line definitely fixed the air leak. Thanks.

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    I've seen that several times. Clean thoroughly with carb cleaner and a q-tip. Then add a bit of red loc-tite and tap back in using an aluminum or brass drift.

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