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    951 di masters???

    Hi new to the forum recommended by a local shop in Apollo Beach FL,I have a 2004 sportster 951 di issue is that it wont strat unless Ic crank and as im doing so I slam it into wot,it will stay running as soon as I let off alil it dies and thoughts or starting points

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    Check the engine compression. If it is OK check the fuel pressure.

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    i agree i would check your fuel pressure those fuel pumps will do come weird things

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    how do I check the fuel pressure my local shop isn't able to

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    Okay so after long pinpointing I have no fuel regulator guy who sold me it by passed it and my fuel pump is during any help I cant post a wanted add

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    the fuel regulator is built into the fuel rail. im sure you have one. its one of the metal things in the center under the plastic cover. your problem is most likely an air leak. check the hard black plastic hoses for cracks especially coming out of the air pump on the bottom starboard rear of the engine. If that looks good, pull the spark plugs and crank the engine to make sure there is a nice even puff of gas coming out of each cylinder because sometimes the lower injector gets stuck open. lastly it could be a bad gasket on the air pump itself but that isn't as common as the other 2.

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    How do I add a photographer

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    Okay a little update so I got the boat to help me out a lil more in telling me what was wrong I got it to start in 1/2 throttle ran for a 10 sec then Ishut it off smelled raw fuel when to the back and gas was coming out of the exhaust so I thought bout a post I had seen befor bout stuck injectors so I took the injectors and switch ed them out along with matching air injectors so ex. From 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 ...she fired on first try gave it throttle she rev all the way up took key out but she kept running for 5 sec then died.......any help

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    you want to find a competent tech with the tools and know how to deal with any 951 engine. guessing is going to get realllly expensive really fast.

    You do not want to be making guesses.

    I'd suggest that you obtain the Candoo code reader system( available at the GH store) before it's too late. If you are getting a maint warning light, you absolutely need it, if there is no maint lamp, then you need to obtain a correct fuel pressure gauge and a good quality voltmeter for that side of troubleshooting. One thing the candoo can help you with is finding a bad air or fuel injector. You'll want to have a look at the high pressure air line on the motor to make sure it hasn't failed. That could explain the raw fuel smell since the unatomized fuel will not burn well ( if at all) and come out the back end.

    I'd suggest you read as many posts here on the DI as possible.

    oh yeah..welcome to GH.

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    Thank u ...I try and read alot of info befor I post not only on here but all around ill look into candoo but I have no warning light

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