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    2002 GTX 4Tec - Didn't run, then 1 code, then 3 codes and now back to 1 - GREMLINS

    Sigh, this thing is driving me nuts!

    Long story short: FMIL gave us this 2002 Sea Doo GTX 4Tec with a bad gauge cluster. It sat for a couple years prior to me getting it.

    Once I got it, I bought a used gauge cluster, changed plugs, changed oil and tried to start it. I would get the double beep and code p1656 (DESS post) but it would not start (I tried 2 different keys). Even though the old one tested ok, I swapped it with a used DESS post and cleaned some connections. Now I was getting P1656 and also P0463 (fuel circuit fault). I cleaned the connections on the MPEM/ECU and tried again, no beep but code P1656 went away and I only had P0463. I cleaned the fuel pump connection and got P0462 (fuel sensor out of range). I put some fuel in the tank and that went away too. So now I have NO codes but also no double beep. The ski still wont start. So yesterday I took all the fuses out, cleaned/tested them, cleaned some connections and then I realized that some of the pins in the wiring harness that connect to the ECM had kind of pulled out a little. I got them back in place and plugged them back in. Now I'm back to the double beep and P1656!

    Any ideas? Does the key new to be programmed to the new DESS post (I dont think so, but I tried with the old DESS post and it made no difference). New MPEM? New ECU? New wiring harness?

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    Get it plugged into buds or similar
    and reset etc.

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