Thought I'd post this in case it might help others. I recently had a problem where I'd only get spark about every 5th or 6th time I tried to start my '04 GP1300. I read a number of posts that suggested items like the throttle position sensor or the elusive Main and Fuel Pump Relay. I bought a YDS cable and software and no faults were current (the last TPS alarm was over 70 operating hours ago - I've only put on about 18 hours). To keep it short and sweet, I finally pulled the stinger and got to the throttle bodies and managed to figure out which way to press the tab on the connector and got the TPS connector off (my big mitts would not fit without pulling the stinger). It seems at some time prior to my ownership someone lost the seal in the connector and it was full of water and beginning to corrode. I cleaned it with some Lectra Clean and blew it out with compressed air. Then I filled the connector (and every other connector) with silicone grease and viola... it starts first time every time now. I've bought a complete electrical box and wiring harness off eBay so I hope to replace the connector next spring before I get it wet again (I always seem to get it submerged while riding, so I take on a fair bit of water).