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    Seadoo 2008 RXP-X 255 supercharger problems

    Hallo all,

    this is my first post here on Greenhulk.
    Oke, my problem is as followed, I have a 2008 Seadoo RXPX 255 with upgraded supercharger and inter cooler that produce 300HP.
    2 weeks ago I went to the sea and whas warming up the seadoo in the water for 10 minutes, after that
    i started giving some gas but the engine stopped. When I tried to start it again I haered a strange grinding
    noise. Got the seadoo out of the water and to my garage where I found some plastic bags in the propellor.
    after I removed this the engine still made the grinding noise, I removed the pipe going to the turbo and found that the impeller is louse and has missing blades.
    what must I do now? Rebuild the SC ore try and find the missing blades of the impeller? If yes where do I need to look?
    PS: there whas also sand and oil in the pipe going to the SC.
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    Yep engine disassembly time.!

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    looks like you lost the bearings in your charger . hrs on charger? if you still have the flame arrester in your inlet manifold you might have saved your motor from the bigger pieces of the charger wheel . rebuild/replace ,clean intercooler and inlet manifold . Cheek for debris in the head . good luck

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    Supercharger has bin rebuild at 40hours. The jetski has 110 at this moment.

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    I have treid turning the impeller in the turbo but it won't turn, only move up and down, side to side loosely.

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    Pull SC first and inspect. Then you'll have a good idea what happened, what you're looking for and what to do next. Sounds like the plastic bags were the least of your worries and trouble started some time before.

    Interested in your 300hp, how have you achieved this and what supporting mods do you have?

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    I will try and remove the SC today but because of the strange
    places they put the bolts for the SC it won't be easy and I think I need to buy some
    tools for it.
    yeah the plastic bags made me happy at first because I thought easy fix, I hope there
    is nothing in the engine so I wont have 2 problems.
    What I don't understand is that the jetski worked perfectly the day before, no problems at all and the day after also good until I wanted to give some gas after the warming-up.

    i have bought the seadoo already with all the modifications from a guy in Belgium, he used it to race with it and was
    Pretty good. Dealer was piranha-racing . be

    thanks for all the info and will keep you all updated.

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    pull your oil filter and see what is in there...this will tell a big well the suction oil pump is on the front of the engine and easy to pull that as well....based on your storey this very well could mean pull the engine and complete tear down....let us no

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    Im gonna bet if thats an old race machine. The flame arrestor is def NOT in there. If thats the case I would def start tearing the head off and pull the motor. That stinks.

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    Hallo everybody, sorry for the late response.
    Today I had some time to remove the inter-cooler and found that
    it was full of metal pieces. Big sizes and small also pieces of rubber, I do not know where they came from because
    they are big. The other side of the intent-cooler was filled with wet white sand.
    look at the pictures.
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