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    f12 knock sensor code

    I have been working on a honda f12 and keep getting a knock sensor code. i have changed the sensor & ran a new shielded wire from the sensor to the ecu and only grounded the shielding at the ecu. is there anything else that could cause the code? does anyone know what the voltage should be at the sensor when running?
    when first started the ski will run good for 60 to 80 min then code and reduse rpm. i can turn the ski off and restart and get 15 min before it reduses rpm,s again

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    Have u tested a spare CPU? I am told 95+% of the problems are ecu related since that sensor rarely goes bad .

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    ECU gets hot and malfunctions try a known good one.

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    i was thinking CPU but wanted other opinions. I wil try to barrow one to check it out before buying one. I did not think of barrowing one. Thanks for the sugestion

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