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    2014 rxpx speed questions

    Just want to first say thanks to all the great post and people on this forum with reading as much as I could about first mods for my ski I was able to hit 72mph On GPS today at the lake Speedo was reading 73 guess its not to far off. My list of mods are as follows.

    Vetch 8350 tune
    Riva waterbox
    Riva rear exhaust
    Riva intake grate
    Riva fuel pressure reg.
    Flame arrestor removed

    Today while at the lake I hit 72 with half tank of gas air temp in the low 80s so was the water (lake tarpon FL.)I have the stock prop in now my weight is 225. Prop was spinning hard on take off then would bite and take off. Tach would shoot up to a max record on the dash of 8680 rpms then would settle in the 8500 area. I'm guessing I need a prop and could expect a few more mph out of it and it would drop the rpms down to the 8300 range?

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    72mph @ 8500rpm? Seems low on speed but yes the right pitch prop will keep your rpm down. Welcome to the Hulk!

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    8500 rpm on a 8350 tune

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    Those RPM's numbers don't add up with the tune? Your speeds are low for those kind of mods at 8350 or 8500. For a 2014 rxpx you shall be at 75-76 mph.

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    so if i decide to reflash my ecu to 8350 i never need to change valve springs? i dont want to open the engine.i have stage 1 riva and upgrade manifold.what i need to reflash 8350?all dashboard info works?
    all my question is because i have problems two years ago with a athena ecu on my yam,and i want enjoy my rxpx every weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyRXP View Post
    8500 rpm on a 8350 tune
    Took it for another ride just to make sure i wasn't going crazy and I was. Seems when I take off from a stop the rpm will shoot up to the 8600 area then while at speed it's going from 8380 to 8320

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