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    1999 SLTX wear ring out of true?

    Sent the stock impeller of a 1999 SLTX to Impros for full repair. It had a few dings from ingesting some rocks. Just received the overhauled impeller back and it looks like a good overhaul. Trouble it is will not fit in the wear ring. I think the wear ring is slightly damaged. I polished all the small scratches and grooves out but impeller still will not fit. Can wear rings be repaired and bought back to stock specs? I can spin it up in the lathe and true it up a bit but I am worried that may make increasing the clearance between the impeller and wear ring above limits.

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    So after a lot more research I found out that this is a common problem. Corrosion starts under the stainless steel wear ring and distorts it. I have ordered one of these aftermarket solid aluminum extensions and will see how that works. m3cce1c9691&vxp=mtr
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