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Thread: Havasu 14

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    Havasu 14

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to introduce myself again(re-registered)
    I'm heading out to Havasu, to help with race and freestyle commentary this year.

    Flying in from the UK, and hoping to meet people I've been chatting to on the fourms for years.
    Mike Young and the guys(and gals) are awesome. And I'm hoping to back them up, with a British flavour

    My homework is ongoing, and I hope to add some knowledge about European riders
    Aswell as have some fun, lakeside.

    Be carefull if I head towards you with a Mike in my hands............

    I'm stoked, and cant wait to land, in the USA!!!

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    Hello Thumper ... and welcome to the Hulk. Hope to see you @ the WF. I am sure you do a bang up job. and your British voice will be fun to hear. Good Luck & welcome to good ole USA

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    I hope you'll all like it. Will be different, that's for sure.
    I will add an edge to things. And hopefully make a few new friends.

    Did some googling on Havusu, and Havasu City, over the weekend
    Clicked a few web pages, that made me smile. If I just said, 'Spring break'
    I guess you'd know what I mean......... jeez, is it like that around finals week??
    If so, I'd better go see the doctor, before flying out... lol

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    The best weekends in Havasu for the kind of "Spring break" atmosphere is only on certain key holiday weekends....not like that all the time. And it's not "spring break-ish" during the finals either :/ Just a bunch of dudes and skis

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    I'm so glad about that .... Could end up with a heart attack!
    I prefer dudes and ski's anytime ( I said that out loud, didn't I)

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    Yea I'd just go ahead and leave your condoms at home for the finals weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkturbo! View Post
    Yea I'd just go ahead and leave your condoms at home for the finals weekend
    lol. Are you going to be there dude?

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    Ughhh....I have options elsewhere this time in Oct as usual....but most probably! I'm torn between taking the ski or not and where im gonna even sleep if I want to stay a night. Im sure nearly all the rooms are taken

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    How about you?? I'm wondering if that seadoo ride is any good or not....body beach is always a blast at finals too!

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    i have an extra room maybe....150 for the 9 thru 12th

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