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Thread: Polaris skis

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    Polaris skis

    I just acquired 2 older Polaris skis. 1 is an SL700 and the other is a SL650. I don't have the titles and they would be too much trouble to get on the water so I'm thinking I should part them out. The 700 engine is really clean and the compression was 125 on both cylinders. The 650 isn't as clean and the compression on it was 130/150/160. I'm trying to decide how to go about doing this. Should I sell the 700 as a complete motor or should I part it out also? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    The 650 isn't worth a whole lot even if it runs, what year is the 700 (last couple digits on the hull id #) If its a good running 700 sell it whole. Both do have valuable parts so disassemble carefully.

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    no title needed in mass. check nieghboring state laws and try to sell it in that state, I could use parts but if they run its a shame to take apart. if you decide to disassemble i would be interested in a few items provided they fit a 97 slt

    main part i need if you or anyone has it is the retainer clip that attached to the front of the seat

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