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    Exclamation Help. Problem with water in cylinder.

    ski seemed to be running well, Pulled plugs to do a routine check and found them to be wet, tried to light the liquid on the plugs and it did not burn. I pulled the head and found the head gasket to be in good shape, installed a new gasket and put it back together, while running on hose (started engine then turned on hose, I've read enough on here...) It ran fine, turned off water then shut down engine, pulled plugs and they are wet again. I pulled the water jacket hoses and started the engine momentarily and puffs of smoke came from the hoses. Is this normal or do I have a water jacket leak?
    Thanks in advance for any advise.

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    It's normal for them to be wet, especially if you do not have a load on the engine. If you had water in the cylinder, the plug, piston, and head would look steam cleaned. Sounds like gas on the plugs, and you usually cannot light it on fire. Hope that helps

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    Also the water jackets connect to the exhaust
    So yes exhaust gasses will come out of a disconnected hose

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