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    Yamaha VXR 100 Hours!

    Today I passed 100 hours on my 2011 Yamaha VXR! This has been a trouble free machine and every second has been enjoyable! I wanted to do a review for anyone that would be interested. I'll be using the same questions from a different thread. Please don't hesitate to post or pm me any other questions!

    I have put over 70 hours on it this season! I purchased it in August 2013 with 20 hours on it from Craigslist. At this time, there is a little less than 2 years of the Y.E.S. Warranty left on it.

    Anything ever go wrong mechanically with the ski?

    I have not had anything wrong happen to any part of the ski. It has been 100% trouble free for me. After owning an extremely troublesome older ski, this ski has been a godsend!

    What type of modifications?

    Only modification I have installed on the ski is the soggy dog audio system. There is a link to my build thread for it in my signature for anyone that would be interested! I plan on doing some other mods next season so stay tuned.

    What do I do to maintain the ski?

    All I do is wash/wax it every month, and check the oil dipstick before I go out. I got the oil and spark plugs changed when I bought it, and haven't had to change either since then. I barely have to do anything to maintain it and love it!

    Any complaints?

    Only complaint I have is how it performs in rough water. If there is any kind of chop, it will unhook and bounce around continuously. I ride in Lake Erie and it can be pancake flat one moment, and then like 10 minutes later, you can be stuck in 2-3 footers. It’s the most enjoyable thing on Earth in flat water, but when it gets choppy, it can be an annoyance, especially if you want to go fast. I know I talked about this a lot, but I'm just trying to say this is not a rough water ski!

    Is the (2011-2014) VXR a good ski for you?

    When it comes to me recommending this ski, it really matters what kind of water you are riding in. Like I mentioned, this is not a rough water ski by any means! There are many "IF" questions that have to be answered before buying this kind of ski. One thing I know for sure though is if you are looking for a powerful, extremely reliable and low maintenance ski, this is it.

    Also if you are into wave jumping, and you want to wave jump with a powerful 4 stroke, this would be it. Its light weight, combined with the high power it has, will result in you getting some serious air!

    I hope I covered any questions people would have about my experience. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to post them in this thread or pm me. I will add more questions that people ask or I think of to the thread, just wanted to get it up. Thanks for reading!
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    FIRST! Nice write up! I put 125+ on my ski in 4 1/2 months! Keep Riding HARD!

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