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    How do I retract the ski pylon on a 2006 ski pylon?

    I've pulled the pin and tried to pull up on the pylon but it just still seems to be locked in place!?

    Any ideas guys?


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    Could be corroded or bent. Try soaking it with some WD-40 or something like that.

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    Post up some pics....As said you pull the pin and pull it up....

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    Thanks for reply guys! I've managed to free it! It was seized solid! I had to take off the rubber for the grab handles and hit the handles really hard with a hammer! It took quite a few very heavy hits but I got it out! The white plastic inersleeve was half way out which tells me the guy who had it before me had the same problem and that's why it's been sold I think!

    The bottom inner rubber was swollen and perished so I'll need to replace that but for now I've cleaned it out with corrosion block to lube it up and it feels really smooth! I did notice it says on the top of the pylon " to leave fully extended when not in use!" But the ebay pictures show it's not and I believe that's been left unextended for a number of years to be as jammed up as it was.
    But the good news is it's now working

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