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    Unhappy Broken Drain Neck Assemlby

    Long story short, I broke the exhaust flush connector (drain neck assembly BRP part number 292001317) on my 2013 RXP-X. I'm very new to the PWC world and could use some tips on how the hell to get down there at the back of the hull to fix it. Any suggestions would be great.


    Edit: By drain neck assembly, I'm referring to the exhaust flushing connector at the rear of the hull. You know, connect the garden hose to it....
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    Get you a set of these long reach hose pliers.

    Remove the rear plastic (rear seat area), climb on top of ski and 69 it, reach in and hold backside plastic nut with the special pliers and have someone insert a 3/8" socket extension & ratchet into the flush line to un-screw.

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    Thanks Sanfish, will give it a try.

    The old one got ripped out so it's just a matter of installing the new one when it arrives. I noticed there was some blue gunk on the threads of old one. Would that be some special thread sealant or just loctite?

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