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    1992 XP

    Just picked this up cheap, threw a carb kit in it changed fluids and have it running pretty good. Took it out today for it's first trip and noticed a couple problems. The oil light would slowly and randomly fade on and off while riding. I pulled the valve open while it was running and it started smoking pretty good so I assume it's ok? Also the lanyard kill switch doesn't work, it runs just fine with the lanyard on or off the kill switch. It was also hard to start after running it for a few minutes then coming back into the ramp and shutting it down. If I had a fuel line with a small air leak I figure that could be the problem? It starts right up when I first dropped it in the water.

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    Also I just want to verify how I how I re-assembled the rotary valve cover. Where the oil line hooks up to the rotary valve cover with the 4 phillips screws there is the small brass piece and I'm not exactly sure how it is suppose to fit. I put it back in with the small nipple stem going into the bigger opening with the slot in it, if that makes sense. It the only way I could really see it going and seemed to fit right but that little piece made me very cautious on the water today.

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    Ok, didn't see it in the exploded drawings in the manual earlier but looking at it now I see I did put it in right. Thanks for any help I am new to working on jetski's and have this one to drop in a jon boat.

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    So the kill switch lanyard is in fact working, the problem was with the post hanging up just before it ativates the switch. Also found the outer part of the fuel line was split where it makes the connection with supply to the MAG carb.

    So at this point any ideas as to why it is hard to start after riding it for a few minutes?
    Also still concerned with the oil warning light flickering on and off. It seemed a real weak signal which makes me think there is something wrong with the light. Any other test to be sure?

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