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    Question about cold air injection

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 04 Rxp and a business that uses CNC i have been thinking of an idea in regards to cold air injection and just want to clairyf a few things...So please enlighten me if im incorrect...thanks

    The idea is to drive ambient air into the super charger to gain more boost..i belive, so the options are changing the SC impeller...If i was able to force ambient air directly into the super charger at a controlled rate without changing the impeller would this not in effect have the same result as the impeller drawing more air on acceleration ?

    In short is the entire idea to just force air into the SC ?
    and if so...cooling it is the main trick ?

    Please elaborate if you know the concept ...thanks Jmaxy

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    There is no electric fan or other device that can keep up with the demand the supercharger needs. You don't have to force feed a supercharger. The vacuum it makes is unreal. It sucks its own air. The best thing you can do is feed it cooler outside air like we do with the Riva rear air intake.

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