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    How to fit a ski pylon to 2003-2005 gtx

    This is just a quick how to ( not step by step pictures).

    After searching the net for weeks on end I finally got my hands on some bad uploaded copy's of the instructions on how to fit the ski pylon.

    Here are some quick instructions:

    1.Remone rear seat
    2. Undo the 6 bolts (4x 10mm and 2x 13mm bolts) that hold the rear grab handle on and remove it.
    3. Undo the 2x 13mm nuts holding the rear tow eye in place and remove.
    4. Take a measuring square and set it to 63.1mm and hold the flat side ruler edge in between the 2 bolt holes where the tow eye goes, and mark where the bottom of the square hits the body in the centre and this is where you drill a pilot hole.
    5. Using a 57mm hole cutter, start to cut the hole out keeping the drill pointing down and straight and level with the floor.
    6. Make sure every thing lines up and then mark your 2 bolt holes on the bottom plate, remove the pylon and drill the 2 bolt holes, clean area inside and outside and then refit and bolt up ski pylon.

    7. OPTIONAL: before finally fitting use a small bead of sealant around the large hole and both bolt holes just for that extra piece of mind.

    Hope this helps

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm just wondering.. can a ski pylon be installed on an 03 GTX LTD.. i can't find a definitive answer online.. thanks

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    also I trolled your pics and saw you had a GTX LTD.. so could I essentially install the new model ski pylon from sea doo?.. is there anything I have to look out for?

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