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    RXT with X water routes, which method ?

    I'd like to switch my water routes to how the X is setup.
    I have a reduced tee (looks a little smaller than 1/2). I also have the green washer from the X setup.

    I'm on the fence of just using the X T fitting or using a Y fitting with a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer so the water has better flow with the Y vs. the T.

    Thoughts ? Should I just stick with the T...

    Anyone else with an RXT and the same/proven setup.

    I used to have the split OPAS but my OPAS was either pinched or filter clogged, twice and both times my SC had a touch down during the exact time. I've been told it's not possible but the circumstances were during an extremly hot IC.
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    a SC will work normally with or with out a IC ,makes no difference
    you just had bad luck
    IMO one extra clamp or fitting is just one more part that can fail

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    Are still using the Stock J-pipe ?
    Also What IC do u have?

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    Yes stock j pipe and external ic(cx racing on ebay) 12x12x4

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    Where are u wanting to put the "Y" at? Did u install a pisser /bleed line on the IC?

    I Would run the 3/4" Pump in hose to the IC -in, then out of IC to bottom front of EX mani.

    top of rear exhaust manifold hose jumps across as normal to J-pipe. Flush port hose stays the same.
    Bottom of Exhaust mani goes to the "T" & out pump shoe & other goes to bottom of J-pipe.

    The stock "T" fitting flows enough to keep things cool.
    the X style pump shoe has different water ports on it, than the stock shoe does.

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    Interesting connections, never thought about trying to relieve back pressure. I was thinking of more increasing flow on front side.

    3/4 pump in-hose to inline filter to y or t fitting. One side of split going to EX manifold to the normal J-pipe. The other side going to the IC in(front). IC out(back) goes to a bilge hole that shoots out next to my grab handles.

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